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Employee transportation

Znajdziesz tutaj legalną pracę na własnych zasadach, perspektywę szkoleń i kursów oraz zdobędziesz bezcenne doświadczenie.

GTV BUS helps companies, who care about efficient
and safe transportation of employees by organizing dedicated logistics planning and implementing
effective cost and time optimization...

…because traveling with us is time for you!

European leader of employee transportation

Over 25 years of experience in the transport industry
The highest standards of safety and comfort
Cooperation with partners in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands
Over 500 qualified drivers
Cooperation with more than 450 contractors
Professional team of 50 dispatchers / plannists
Proprietary IT solutions for our partners
160 buses and 200 drivers in local tansport
Meet our superpowers
  • Mercedes Sprinter - 27 seats, 8 cars
  • Mercedes Sprinter - 24 seats, 1 car
  • Ford Transit - 17 seats, 2 cars
  • Iveco Daily - 26 seats, 2 cars
  • Irizar -67 +2, 1 car
  • Bova - 65 +2, 1 car
  • Van Holl 59+2, 1 car
  • Van Holl double decker 81+2, 1 car

A modern fleet

of over 400 vehicles

  • Mercedes Turismo - 60+2 - 3 cars, white
  • Mercedes Turismo - 61+2 - 2 cars, gold
  • Mercedes Turismo -55+2 - 1 car, gold
  • Mecedes Turismo - 60+2 - 9 cars, gold

The scope of services includes

  • 24/7 contact with the office and GTVBUS dispatcher
    We are available for you 24/7 on various communication channel
    – phone, teams, whatsapp etc.
  • A special team dedicated to work with your company
    We will select our best people who will manage the project,
    so that you have more time for your duties
  • Emergency number for passengers 24/7
    In emergency situations, at any time of the day or night,
    your employee can count on our help
  • Access to GPS of GTV Bus vehicles
  • Cooperation on many levels
    After signing a contract, GTVBUS company is able to help in solving transport problems on each level. The customer is threated as a priority
    (VIP Transports, bus transports)
  • Cost optimization
    GTV Bus will analyze and monitor travel routes.
    If there is an opportunity to optimize costs, we will inform you

Are you looking for a partner who will approach
to your business fully reliably?

We analyze informations about your company’s operations and logistic needs

We prepare a dedicated plan of transport services for your employees

We optimize door to door transport

We develop a system of common efficient communication


Since 2019, we have been providing
door to door service,

thanks to which our drivers know every, even most difficult adress in the entire Poland

How do we improve our cooperation?

In case your employee did not show up for departure, the driver will inform the dispatcher about it within a maximum of 5 minutes

Every day we build a new transport plan for your employees

After handing over the plans, we supervise the work of our drivers

The dispatcher will inform the coordinator in your company so that he can arrange another employee

We create a common communication channel convenient for your company

  • Full information about the route planned for him
    and a list of names of employees
  • Sending information directly to the company
    about the employee’s absence in real time

New software to plan
transport and in it:


Driver application including:

Employee application with individual
login panel including:

Application for our contractors with access to:

  • Generating employee data
  • Numerical reports
  • Analyzes
  • Information about the employee scheduled pick-up Times

They trusted us:



Tomasz Oleśków

International Project Manager